Pad Thai

2 chicken breasts sliced thinly into strips
1 diced or slithered onion (depends how you like it)
1 cup bean sprouts
1 cup of broccolini small thing florets or sliced stalk
1 large julienned carrot
1 thinly sliced capsicum
2 lengths of spring onion cut in half them sliced longways into slithers
2 eggs mixed in a cup
1 tbsp oil
Pad thai thick rice noodles
Passage to Asia Pad Thai
Fresh chilli – if you like spicy

  • Prep your meat first and roll in tbsp of cornflour. Always bring chicken to room temp before cooking. The cornflour will make the chicken soft and tender. Marinate while you are prepping the veg
  • Prep veg as per list about, I just chuck it all into one bowl except for onions and garlic which I cook first. You don’t have to have veg, I like colour in my food, but normal recipe would only have bean sprouts, slithered spring onion, you pick
  • Pop some boiled water in a bowl and add rice noodles to soak soft
  • Heat pan to hot, add ½ tbsp oil and cook egg. Just cook like a pancake, once bottom cooked enough flip to cook other side, take out and set aside to slice up
  • Add other ½ tbsp oil and sauté onions, add chicken and garlic. You will need to break up the chicken as the cornflour will make it stick together but it will come apart while cooking, add veg in when chicken is ½ cooked. Add a lid to steam up the vegs. Stir and steam every 3-4 mins, stir and steam for approx. 10 mins. Brocolini should still be crunchy
  • Dice up the egg into slithers and add back to pan
  • Drain off the rice noodles and cut with scissors into shorter lengths
  • Add noodles to pan then drizzle sauce mix over and mix through for 5 mins
  • Serve with sliced chilli on top, sliced lime and crushed nuts. I don’t crush mine I like them just added whole.

Drizzle your lime over top, mix through your chilli if that’s what you like and enjoy. Best served HOT and fresh!

maneacreative_pad thai noodles
Thick Pad Thai Rice Noodles
maneacreative_pad thai noodles
Passage to Asia Pad Thai Sauce