Oven Hangi

Large roasting dish
Lamb chops, chicken pieces, pork chops – qty to suit how many people you are catering for
Roast vegetables – potatoes, sweet potato, pumpkin, onions, carrot, courgette
Large whole cabbage
Mixed herbs
Salt & Pepper
Budget/cooking bacon
Cooking Oil
1 cup of water

2 cups breadcrumbs
2 cloves of garlic grated
Diced onion
2 tsp mixed herbs
150g melted butter
Mix all the above together, add water until mixture is wet and mouldable, too easy!

  1. Preheat oven to bake 160c
  2. Prep your meat and vegetables
  3. Prepare stuffing
  4. Dice up about 300-400g of bacon
  5. Line roasting dish with the large outer leaves off the cabbage, pull more off and set aside for top
  6. Lay down your meat at the bottom, try to separate pork and chicken with any red meat or vegetables
  7. Sprinkle meat with herbs and spices, salt/pepper and sprinkle with some of the bacon bits
  8. Add stuffing on top of some meat in its own spot
  9. Add veg on top and again season with herbs, S&P and bacon bits
  10. Lastly add large chunks of cut cabbage in the holes (use chunks because it wilts)
  11. Pour 1 cup of water over everything and a drizzle lightly cooking oil over the mound of food
  12. Use more large outer leaves of the cabbage to close the package creating a UMU
  13. Cover tightly with tin foil, making sure its tightly packed ready for the oven
  14. Pop into bottom of the oven and cook slowly for approx. 3-4 hours. I normally don’t check for a good couple hours, I will gently undo the foil, stab a potato or two, because if they are cooked through the meat at the bottom will most definitely be cooked! If not wrap back up tightly and put back in. The less you interrupt it the better.

Voila – all the beautiful succulent juices fall to the bottom from all the meats, the meat should be tender and falling off the bone and the vegetables smoky from the bacon used that has infused through all the food. Hope you love it, my husband does!

Outer cabbage leaves lining roasting dish
Stuffing prep
Cooking Bacon or any economy bacon
Roast vegetables - add anything you like
Season lamb and chicken
Covering in bacon and layering vegetables
Just about ready for the oven!
Cabbage and extra bacon added
Covered in cabbage leaves
Just about ready for the oven!
I normally waste the top cooking leaves
Bon appetite!