A creative wahine (woman)

Thanks for checking out my little corner of the world wide web.  As I have navigated my way around the world of design and marketing, I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with some fantastic people and companies. With over 15 years experience in design, marketing, print media and administration, I really know my stuff! I specialise in helping small businesses with solutions that fit into their budget and work for them. 

Manea Creative is my passion for graphics, web design, print and marketing. I established my brand in 2012 whilst I was a stay-at-home mum in Perth whilst hubby lived/worked away. I continued to design in New Zealand when we returned in 2015 and now have the pleasure of continuing what i love to do, design,  from the comfort of my own home based in Yeppoon, Rockhampton in Queensland.

Mel Jurgens_Manea Creative
Mel Jurgens - Creative Wahine

What does Manea mean?


Manea (maori), 2. (adjective) be clever

Recently moving back to Australia from New Zealand, we are super excited to haved settled in the beautiful coastal town of Yeppoon. The Queensland coast is spectacular and the weather is something we are very much getting used to, we are melting every day!

A family of six, we have four children, three adult children whom are in various stages of their lives in New Zealand. At home, I have a gorgeous six year old son, whom I cherish dearly as he’s my last baby at home. And I am blessed to have four beautiful mokopuna (grandchildren) from my eldest daughter who recently got married! (Pics below).

During the day I take care of a handful of clients based in New Zealand and efficiently service their needs via email, internet calls or remote control, its true you can live anywhere and still continue to do something you love! 



In my other life…I’m a crazy passionate cook (I’ll be sharing some recipes on my blog), major food/meal prepper, household organiser/cleaner and accountant (hehe). I wear many hats and run a tight ship. 

I also love spending time with family and friends, music, crafts, reading books and most recently my new obsessions cultivating and growing succulents and 5D diamond art. 

I’m a self obsessed NERD who loves learning everything! I always have a laptop in front of me when I’m relaxing because my mind is creating all the time or I’m learning something new.

That about sums me up…I look forward to collaborating with you soon!


My children, grandchildren and me!
Hubby with youngest son
My four mokopuna (grandchildren)